Four longtime friends from North Carolina, the members of KDH have been playing in groups together on and off for the last ten years. They came together in NYC in 2010 and reconncected over their hallowed love for rock and roll songwriting. They are often referred to as “Kill Devil Hills”, which is a small coastal town on the Outer Banks of NC. In the fall of 2014 the quartet gathered at a manhattan studio to record an album on a refurbished 1” tape machine. With a nod to true grit methods of the past, the group layed down 9 live tracks which would become “Piedmont Rose”. The songs exhibit KDH’s upbringing in the south as well and their hours put in the city. Guitarists Drew Taylor and Ian Lockey practice the ancient art of weaving, trading shifts on who’s working the lead and holding down the rhythm. The no-bullstuff rhythm section of bassist Alex Smith and drummer Lee Hinshaw’s long time friendship proves just how tight things can get. All the while, the hypnotic vocal arrangements rest on top of the sound like gravy on biscuits. With a wide array of genres and artists that could be cited as influences, KDH has worked to translate their ideas into a sound of their own but with much respect for the past. "A desert landscape filled with grinding Sabbath-inspired grooves and spacious, psychedelic guitars, topped over with tightly wound harmonies that might otherwise belong to surf-inspired beach jams. It's an unlikely combo for sure, but that's the style KDH made their own. The result is a sold-out limited edition cassette named 'Kill Devil Hills' that's as scenic as it is tumultuous. Tracks like 'Barnburner' and the anthemic 'Ratchets' for instance, pound their way into your skull, while leaving you strangely relaxed and in need to go sunbathing..." - Mike Levine, The Deli NYC
"More than just a nice distraction from the tortured, aloof songwriter and his belabored bedroom project, KDH are a band that clearly enjoy playing together. That translates to the ear and makes the album a much more enjoyable listen in the process. If we’re lucky, there is going to be a lot more to hear from these southern boys in the big city. In the meantime, Piedmont Rose will provide plenty for you to enjoy today. Just in time for the summer, this is the sweaty, rockin’, bluesy, psychedelic freak-out we all need. Whistlin’ ‘Dixie” is for amateurs."